Construction of 1050mm Concrete Pressure Pipe Watermain along Bloor Street in the City of Oshawa, installation within the roadway including major street crossing, sensitive with vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Also includes installation of watermain under a Pedestrian Tunnel and through Oshawa Creek via Micro Tunneling.

We changed the open cut section through Oshawa Creek to Micro Tunneling. Incorporated the change with the original Micro Tunnel under the Pedestrian Bridge and Redesigned into a Curved Drive to allow us to stay within the Budget. The advantages of the Redesign minimize disturbance to the Environment considering there was a small window to perform/complete the work with Conversation Authority in-water work window. Additional to the Environmental Advantages, The Region of Durham received a cost saving by accepting the Redesign by not completing all Landscaping Items, Biotechnical Works and Environmental Measures by not open cutting the Oshawa Creek.