Primary scope includes substantial new construction of two bridge structures spanning 40.0 m each. One structure consists of five cast-in-place culverts spanning 40.0 m and the second structure consists of five precast con-span culverts spanning 40.0 m as well, both of which were constructed simultaneously. Additional works include road reconstruction and widening, storm sewer installations (all own forces) spanning over 1.0 km.

Substantial work required in occupied urban environment and environmentally sensitive surrounding area. Coordinated with subcontractor GEMs for environmental work. Development and implementation of erosion and sediment control plan to minimize risk of sedimentation of waterbody during all project phases. Mitigation and minimization of destruction and disturbance to fish habitat, including Redside Dace during construction and restoration during post-construction phase. Facilitated diligent mobilization, placement, and operation of all machinery near water marks and bodies of water.