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Working in the built-in environment requires careful consideration when it comes to design and execution. With our expertise in underground infrastructure, we focus on planning from the ground up so our clients can rest easy down the road.  Before our shovels hit the ground, our team of Project Managers, Engineers and Estimators dismantle the complexities of heavy civil projects and develop construction strategies, schedules and cost-controls to help translate theoretical ideas into real-world solutions. During the pre-construction stage, KAPP provides detailed cost-estimates for both private and public owners. This stage also gives our team an opportunity to work with you to develop custom solutions using value engineering to save on cost and time while maintaining industry leading quality and care.



The build phase of your project is where our technology and expertise come together. KAPP is an expert in numerous construction specialties with a fleet of state-of-the-art machines that we strategically deploy to deliver your project exactly as designed. Our team of Engineers, Managers, and skilled workers are trained to work in harmony with specialty sub-contractors to provide support and leadership within the growing complexity of modern civil construction projects.

Whether it’s overhead, on or underground, from overpasses to pipelines – our team takes on challenging development initiatives with integrity and resourcefulness. We build with quality that stands the test of time.



After the structure is operational we’ll still be there. Assessing and maintaining are the cornerstones of lasting infrastructure. our team of Engineers are highly experienced in developing life-cycle maintenance strategies that provide low cost and low risk solutions for large scale infrastructure. With advanced technology, we can predict and control damage and offer maintenance solutions that fit the goals and budget of your planning committee.