Our Commitment


When it comes to safety, KAPP Infrastructure Inc. is dedicated to excellence. As part of our focus on developing our Health & Safety policy into a world-class program, we have achieved COR Certification. This demonstrates our ability to complete projects safely and efficiently from our frontline workers to our office administration. We have developed a strong partnership in health and safety, and continue to make site safety the number one priority.


At KAPP Infrastructure Inc., we are steadfast in our commitment to provide quality workmanship from our site staff through to our office managers and owners. We develop a site-specific Quality Control Plan for each project based on requirements of the work at hand. This information is conveyed to employees and subcontractors before breaking ground during a site meeting and reinforced continuously throughout the project. Our Project Managers, Engineers, Coordinators and field staff all take great pride in the work we do, which helps us deliver consistent quality on each and every project.


Bringing focus and direction during complex heavy civil projects is where our diligent planning, extensive experience, and strong communication come into play. We have found that timely communication is the best tool to ensure key performance indicators are maintained throughout our projects. Our team hosts internal and external biweekly staff meetings for upcoming and ongoing projects to enhance accountability, communication and overall project focus. By pinpointing current project concerns and forecasting potential site and/or scheduling issues, we are very successful in mitigating project delays and extra costs for the project stakeholders. Furthermore, our site superintendents and project managers communicate daily, covering items such as project schedule, changes to contract works, payment certification and safety. This level of communication speaks not only to our commitment to quality, but our collaborative team dynamic at KAPP.


KAPP is committed to managing our environmental impact for all our projects, big or small. We have over three decades of successful experiences worked closely with Environmental Authorities and Provincial Authorities ensuring the utmost care is taken to preserve and protect the environment. We have also developed key relationships that help our clients forecast potential permitting and planning issues during the design, tendering, and construction phase which can be used to mitigate project risks.