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Quality & Safety drive our people

Our history and proven track record are the best ways to understand our commitment to quality and safety. We have a healthy list of successful projects and pleased clients, colleagues, engineers and government officials, all of whom we have worked well with, earning their trust and respect.

KAPP Infrastructure Inc. is committed to contributing industry leading insight by encouraging continuous learning for all levels of our team, including skill-trades, estimation, as well as Engineers and Managers. Each and every year the industry moves towards more innovative materials and procedures that helps us build structures and roads with a lighter environmental footprint. At KAPP, our workforce is trained to evaluate industry innovations and apply them in the real world, but we are also eager to drive innovation from within which allows us to continue producing the lasting quality that the industry has come to expect from KAPP.

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Join Our Team

At KAPP Infrastructure we are constantly striving to accomplish new goals and explore new opportunities. We do everything we can to give one another the opportunity to do great things. As such, we have developed a career path for new and experienced hires that is centered around initiative, responsibility, and continuous growth.

Our team comes from all walks of life, bringing anywhere from one to 30 years of industry experience. This allows us to provide mentorship and guidance to new hires at all stages of their career. Once we feel you have a strong grasp on the basics, you will be encouraged to explore new opportunities and take ownership over various project components that feed off of your motivation, expertise, and career trajectory.

As part of the KAPP family, you can also expect that we will support your professional development through milestone training and career advancement. You can tailor your career and groom your ability to manage teams, facilitate project elements and pursue certification in your very own field.


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Is where we work and live

Being a part of the communities we help build is what keeps us passionate about construction. Although KAPP is always open to new ways to connect with the community, our charitable initiatives are currently focused on helping youth and adults realize their true potential.

Throughout our journey we have worked with various organizations such as the Mackenzie Health Foundation and Creating Alternatives that empower people of all ages to overcome various medical obstacles at different stages in their lives. We’ve also partnered with numerous youth initiatives to help promote health and fitness as well as community engagement across the Greater Toronto Area. From little league sports to organizing community fundraisers, our inspiration to listen, learn, and lead comes from the people we work with.